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General Comment I always thought this was a song about appreciation and not taking people for granted. On the typewriter ribbon, the shadow grows Time passes. And every evening when he gets home-To make his supper and eat it alone-His black shirt cries-While his shoes get cold Many thoughts pass through his mind and he thinks about his wife dying, coming home after the funeral in his black clothes, and thinks about being alone from now on.

He feels lucky to have you here-In his kitchen, in your chair-Sometimes he forgets that you're even there-It's just a dream he keeps having-And it doesn't seem to mean anything He shakes the thought from his head and looks at his wife and realizes how lucky he is. It's just a dream And it doesn't seem to mean anything Relief This song makes me so happy, I think about all the people in my life and how lucky I am to have them. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment summer teeth is tweedy'd description of the album.

General Comment This song is wonderfully preverse because the lyrics completly clash with the cheerful tune, and the tweeting of the birds in the background. General Comment He hits snooze twice before he dies I like how the character doesn't wake up Wilco has a funny thing with words. Some are teeth. General Comment Yeah, I love that line. I think it's one of the best lines in any Wilco song.

This guy inadvertantly chose to live his last few hours on a bed, asleep.

Wilco-"Summer Teeth" from the LP "Summerteeth"

There's a great bit of black comedy there. General Comment Summerteeth is a reference to women, but I don't know how to apply it here. It's used like this: "Summerteeth are there, summerteeth are there". Don't know why. General Comment For some reason, I always thought of this song as about an author. Here's what I thought: "Like a cloud his fingers explode" -- This line was unclear to me His shoes are cold because he's not wearing them, but I can't think what that'd mean. Frommer's and write traveler's guides to recieve more steady income.

Just having her around is enough. I guess i can't explain the "dream he keeps having".. Oh welll, make of it what you will. General Comment Oh, and if someone can explain what "like a cloud" means and "shoes get cold", that would be cool.

Wilco - Summer Teeth Lyrics | SongMeanings

General Comment I dunno I always get the sense from this song that it's about a person who's completely out of touch with reality, who lives in a world of his own construction, filled with thoughts and plans that never come to fruition. He could very well be a writer, who creates his own fantasy world while not being consciously aware that his own life is completely empty. The line about his black shirt and shoes makes me think of someone who never goes out to parties or bars, choosing instead just to stay at home. The album, a loose song cycle considering the intermingling of perception, communication, and reality, and its affect on our relationships, witnesses the band dismissing its country-rock sound for a studio sheen that would make Brian Wilson proud.

Drawing on the pop music of their lates and earlys youths, the band members have crafted a collection of immediately infectious and consistently stunning melodies with complex, layered arrangements. With the band having jettisoned Max Johnston and his dobro, fiddle, and mandolin, Summerteeth 's songs are driven not by rustic guitar licks, but rather by Jay Bennett's grand organ fills and ever-present harmonies, which paint the album in Technicolor.

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Undermining this sticky-sweet pop party in a delicious irony, and ultimately supplying Summerteeth with its depth and success, is Tweedy's dark contemplation. The intrigue begins quickly on the album's opener, "Can't Stand It", which finds our narrator lamenting the end of a relationship over a pop-soul ditty punctuated by bells. As the source of the narrator's frustration crystallizes on his own fickle emotions, Tweedy plants the seeds of mistrust, warning of "speakers speaking in code.

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As the album racks up false realizations, startling confessions, and outright lies, listeners find themselves exchanging suspicious glances with their guides. In fact, during the album's first half, only the overtly sarcastic "How to Fight Loneliness" is what it seems. The album's confusion climaxes during its keystone, the majestic "Via Chicago", and its counterpart "ELT".

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  6. As the narrator shuffles his story for our approval, which spin are we to believe? Brilliantly, the album leaves such questions unanswered.

    Remembering 'Summerteeth,' the Album Where Wilco Became Wilco

    As Tweedy removes his trickster mask for "My Darling", a spare lullaby to his young son, the mood of the album emerges, but Summerteeth 's transformation is most apparent in its two recitals of "A Shot in the Arm". However, its reprise, on the heels of the Elvis Costello-by-way-of-Phil Spector romp, "Candyfloss", seems to call on an inner strength and the fortitude for self-improvement. From its opener, in which "our prayers will never be answered again," to "In a Future Age", where Tweedy challenges us to "turn our prayers to outrageous dares," Summerteeth drags us through our interpersonal garbage, only to politely ask us to pick up after ourselves.