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Mad world an oral history of new wave artists and songs that defined the s · John wayne a Lazzi the comic routines of the commedia dell arte paj books L arte italiana a parigi nell esposizione universale del italian edition.

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Flying over Death Valley looking north toward Saline Valley. A devil's claw pod Proboscidea parviflora ssp. Buckets of devil's claws, mostly Proboscidea louisianica ssp. Wayne's Word. Noteworthy Plants. Biology Devil's claws Proboscidea louisianica ssp. South American devil's claws Ibicella lutea. In addition to the long, curved claws, the capsule body is covered with prickly spines. This is one of the world's most durable and ingenious hitchhikers.

It can also be one of the most painful if you get a claw imbedded in your hand. Hard, woody fruits of some Central and South American rain forest trees were likely dispersed by large prehistoric herbivores thousands of years ago. Cassia grandis Fabaceae ; B. Crescentia alata Bignoniaceae ; C. Hymenaea courbaril Fabaceae ; and the palms Arecaceae : D.

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Attalea speciosa one fruit cut open to reveal thick, woody pericarp ; E. Raphia taedigera ; and F. Orbignya cohune.

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I used a fine tooth saw to cut the fruit in half. The yellow-flowered devil's claw Proboscidea althaeifolia is a sprawling perennial that appears during the hottest months of summer. Blossoms of the yellow-flowered perennial devil's claw Proboscidea althaeifolia appear during the hottest months of summer, and are one of the most spectacular of all North American desert wildflowers. Green seed pods of the yellow-flowered devil's claw Proboscidea althaeifolia during early fall in the Colorado Desert.

When they split open, the outer green exocarp separates and withers away. Seed capsules of the yellow-flowered devil's claw Proboscidea althaeifolia can be found in sandy desert areas, from San Diego County to the tip of Baja California. Martynia annua , a colorful tropical devil's claw produces seed capsules that resemble the upper jaw and fangs of a pit viper. The yellow lines in the corolla throat are nectar guide lines to direct pollinator bees to the nectar source.


The peculiar, hooked seed capsules of the tropical devil's claw Martynia annua superficially resemble the upper jaw and fangs of a pit viper. Green fruits of the pink-flowered devil's claw Proboscidea parviflora ssp. They are cooked and eaten as a vegetable by several Native American tribes of the southwestern United States and Mexico.

The name "unicorn plant" is derived from the unopened pods which have a single curved horn. A Papago basket and the dried seed capsule of the pink-flowered devil's claw Proboscidea parviflora ssp. The white patterns are from dried, sun-bleached yucca leaves Yucca elata. Narrow strips from the devil's claw pod are used for the striking black designs.

See Another Beautiful Papago Basket. G eneral structure of a devil's claw basket. The primary coils are made from slender, fibrous bundles of beargrass leaves often Nolina microcarpa. Secondary coils are made from narrow strips of yucca leaves which are tightly wound around the slender beargrass bundles. White secondary coils are from sun-bleached dried yucca leaves often Yucca elata , while green coils are from unbleached dried yucca leaves.

Pliable black strips of devil's claw horns are tightly coiled around the beargrass leaves to produce the dark patterns. Proboscidea parviflora ssp. The devil's claw pods used to make this unusual ball came from the native pink-flowered species found throughout southern Arizona. The pods are often gathered and stored in ball-like clusters such as this. Scroll down to see the flowers of this species. In my young mind, this process turned the ordinary bread into devil-blasting communion.

I was desperate to be freed from my condition, and I was living a double life in hopes of being rescued from the devil. Still, my efforts to live a good, pure life were not always successful. Like most boys my age, I had impure thoughts about girls on a near-constant basis. In high school, I started drinking beer — a lot of it — on the weekends. And one day he did.

Big time. While attending a high school leadership seminar in Columbus, Ohio, miles from home, the devil came to visit again. This time, however, when the episode was over, I woke up in the back of an ambulance. I began to cry. I was scared and assumed I was headed to that asylum that haunted my thoughts.

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I was, of course, taken to the hospital, where I was given several tests, including an electroencephalogram EEG and a brain scan. Beelzebub was way too smart for that. I was at least right on that account. The technology did not reveal possession. I was diagnosed with epilepsy that I was told was perhaps caused by some trauma my brain suffered during birth.

For one, while my smaller hallucinatory episodes stopped these petit mal seizures had been seen as childhood daydreaming, not epilepsy , for several years afterward I continued to have grand mal seizures, despite being medicated. Beyond that, I had just spent about six years engaged in an epic battle of good versus evil. Admitting that I had royally duped myself for all of that time was a hard thing to do.


As crazy as my belief in demonic possession may seem, I believe even now that it was in many ways a rational, if not obvious, conclusion to come to under the circumstances. In my Catholic bubble, God and Satan were very much of this world. If we lost something, we prayed to St. Anthony, who would then guide us toward the wallet, keys or whatever else we misplaced. We used the water to bless ourselves before tests at school and when saying our evening prayers at home. The people of my working-class neighborhood even put down money in an attempt to curry favor and influence with the Almighty and ward off the devil.

In fact, I had an after-school job essentially selling special favors from God. Smaller requests, say for good weather at the ballgame, could be made by lighting a votive candle in church for 25 cents. And once, in what remains one of my most quintessential Catholic moments, a feather floated down from the church rafters during a family wedding. Ultimately, we saw the world as a stage where God and Satan battled at both the macro and micro levels.

All that was good came from God and his angels and saints.

All that was bad came from Satan and demons. Am I angry at the church for its enchanted world and what it led me to believe?

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  • Not really. The church, my family and the larger community guided me toward goodness and light rather than evil and darkness. But my experience fighting Satan ultimately led me away from the church and religion in general and completely changed how I see the world and, in many ways, my life. How could an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful God allow me to suffer as I did? Beyond even that, how could such a benevolent being allow evil to exist in the first place?

    My experiences also gave me an immense appreciation for science and its ability to explain the world. We humans once believed that the Earth was the center of the universe. That belief made a lot of sense then. But much can make sense on the surface but still not be true at the core. My battle with Satan had a certain logic to it given the larger narratives of my faith.

    I have four daughters, including year-old twins who attend Catholic school after completing their preschool years at a Jewish school. But I do watch them carefully for any signs of them zoning out.

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    Steve Kissing is the author of the recently released graphic memoir Running From the Devil. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. While I hid my possession, I refused to accept it. I fought back.