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One thing I missed though was any kind of stretching and suppleness routines.

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My favorite part of Wii-Fit Plus were the Yoga sessions. EA Sports Active 2 hits the right notes for cardio and strength but has a real blind spot for flexibility and balance. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain.

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Ambassadors back Virat Kohli. Select back Select. Women back Clothing Shoes Accessories. Thank you! We've received your request and a confirmation email was sent to :. At 11 millimeters thick and 42 millimeters across, it feels a lot like a chunky watch.

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It offers the water- and dust-resistance of an iPhone, without looking rubbery or goofy. I found it light and thin and comfortable enough that no one looked askance at it, or even noticed it. I don't care for the rigid, cheap leather band, but I quite like the look of this watch.

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I found the Style's megs of RAM and 4 gigs of storage plenty for most basic tasks. But that's the problem: the Style only does basic things. There's no room in anything this small for NFC chips, a cell radio, or even a heart-rate monitor.

You get the Assistant stuff and the apps stuff and the notifications stuff, but nothing above and beyond. The Sport, on the other hand, goes percent above and beyond. It features three buttons, two more than the Style, which make it easy to quickly start a workout or turn on Android Pay. Not only can the Sport connect to your phone, it could replace your phone.

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Of course, packing all of that in made the Sport Silver lining: You'll get a workout just by wearing it! If I saw you wearing this watch, I would assume you just finished an Ironman.

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LG created a fantastic fitness device. It's just way too much for anything else. Each will appeal to a few people, but neither will work for most people. I can't help but think there ought to be a middle ground here. Maybe the Style with heart-rate, or payment support, so you get at least one thing you don't already have on your phone. Or a Sport sans SIM card, making it at least slightly less gargantuan. Neither model fixes the biggest, thorniest smartwatch problem: battery life. With fairly tame use, I got 24 hours of battery life, though a workout or phone call sends the battery plummeting.

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Whichever model you get, you'll charge it every night. Nobody needs another device to charge every night. All of this suggests that the Goldilocks smartwatch, the one that's powerful and beautiful and works exactly how I want, remains technically impossible. The Apple Watch comes closest—which explains why the smartwatch market is essentially the Apple Watch market—but even that offers lousy battery life and little utility beyond freedom from your phone.

Smartwatches are in their Newton phase.